The Rock Doctor

The Rock Doctor internet radio station is a 60's & 70's rock station!. The station is now broadcasting in the highest audio quality available on - CD quality 128k. We want to take you back to your youth and let you enjoy the music of the sixties and seventies, just as it used to be. We are sure you will be thrilled with what we are playing on The Rock Doctor internet radio station.

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Check out our playlist to the left - The Rock Doctor plays a vast array of rock music genres including: Progressive Rock, Psychedelic, Blues, Krautrock, Fusion, Hard, Folk, Jazz and Classic Rock. Click on any of the "Listen now" buttons on this site and hear for yourself just how good the sound is especially if you are hooked up to your hi-fi system. we're sure you won't be disappointed!

What We Are All About.

The Rock Doctor aims to prescribe the music that captures the essence of the 60’s and 70’s atmosphere. Just think of the Psychedelic “summer of love”, black & white TV, Woodstock, "the hippie movement", Watergate, Colour TV, lava lamps, big hair, fashion and most of all the fantastic and rich spectrum of music making itself heard on pirate radio stations around the world back then.